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Web3 is a Joke is set to offer a unique comedic experience in a sea of crypto, AI, Metaverse and NFT technical jargon. Nothing brings people together like comedy roasts because we only the roast the ones and things we love and we love all things Web3!

Surviving the Wild West of Web3: A Novice’s Guide to Staying Safe in the Crypto Frontier

A futuristic 3D street art style image illustrating a blog post about staying safe in cryptocurrency, with a single sign that reads 'comedy'

Alright, picture this: You’ve just landed in the digital Dodge City, where the currency isn’t gold nuggets—it’s cryptocurrency! But before you can shout “Eureka!” and throw your digital pickaxe into the crypto mines, there’s a new sheriff in town: Security. And trust me, in the bustling saloons of Blockchain Boulevard, you’ll want to keep your […]

Decoding the Wildest Crypto Conspiracy Theories

funny crypto conspiracies

Welcome to the shadowy corners of the crypto universe. Today, we’ll jump into the rabbit hole of “Crypto Conspiracy Theories”—a light-hearted tour of the most bizarre and eyebrow-raising tales whispered in the dimly lit backrooms of Reddit and beyond. Buckle up, it’s going to be a weird ride! 1. Bitcoin Created by Time Travelers Let’s […]

High School Blockchains: If Cryptocurrencies Were High School Cliques

A futuristic street art 3D style scene for a blog post titled 'High School_ If Cryptocurrencies Were High School Cliques', completely free of any text

Imagine you’re strutting down the red carpet, cameras flashing, crowds cheering. Suddenly, you trip over your own feet, face-planting in front of an audience of millions. Now, what if that red carpet is the blockchain, and instead of your feet, it’s your own digital savvy—or lack thereof—that sends you sprawling. Welcome to the world of […]

Oops! I Did It Again: Hilarious Crypto Confessionals

A humorous and futuristic scene for a blog post about cryptocurrency mishaps, now featuring a Dogecoin theme with additional elements. The previously

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round, and let’s confess: we’ve all had those ‘oops’ moments with crypto that left us either laughing or nearly crying into our digital wallets. Welcome to the cheeky world of “Crypto Confessions,” where even the best make blunders and the blockchain blues are real. Imagine this: You’ve just perfected your slick, […]

A Sarcastic Take: What is Web3

digital artist rendition of web3 in an abstract painting

Ah, Web3! The glorious future where our digital destinies are promised to us, one blockchain link at a time. First off, we have cryptocurrencies, the bedrock of Web3. Here’s the deal: we all pretend that these digital tokens are valuable and it’s like Peter Pan. If we imagine hard enough: they do become worth money. […]

AI Comedy Hour: An Evening of Laughs On Artificially Intelligent Humor

In the dynamic realm of comedy, where laughter is a universal language, a group of stand-up comedians is trailblazing a unique path that seamlessly merges innovation with entertainment. These human comedians have fearlessly delved into the world of artificial intelligence, presenting a captivating fusion of intelligent humor in the form of smart stand-up comedy. Evening […]

Cracking the Code: A Hilarious Take on Blockchain Humor in the Web3 Era

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, few concepts have generated as much buzz and curiosity as blockchain. As the backbone of cryptocurrencies and the foundation of Web3, blockchain has ushered in a new era of decentralized possibilities.   While the subject matter may seem complex there’s a lighter side to it Web3 Is A Joke […]