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Web3 is a Joke is set to offer a unique comedic experience in a sea of crypto, AI, Metaverse and NFT technical jargon. Nothing brings people together like comedy roasts because we only the roast the ones and things we love and we love all things Web3!

Weclome To Web3 Is A Joke

Comedy Roast Of All Things Web3

Our lineup of talent includes prominent figures from the crypto world like Crypto WendyO, Bitboy Crypto, and Altcoin Daily, along with top roast battle comedians. The combination of industry experts and comedy talent promises an entertaining, informative and networking experience for attendees.


At Web3 Is A Joke, our goal is to become the leading comedy attraction at major blockchain and Web3 conferences globally. Comedy serves as a powerful equalizer, enabling us to tackle complex topics with ease. We leverage this art form to engage and draw people into the Web3 space, making it more accessible and inviting to all.


Our ultimate vision is to drive the mass adoption of Web3 by entertaining, educating, and connecting people, empowering them to feel more comfortable with and less intimidated by its technical jargon. We aim to break down the silos that currently divide Web2 from Web3 communities, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

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Upcoming Events

Be on the lookout for our upcoming events to a city or Web3 & blockchain conference near you. With Web3 is a Joke, laughter truly becomes the best medicine for navigating the complexities of the digital age.

Upcoming Events

Bitcoin Nashville- July 2024

LABIT Conference, Buenos Aires- September 2024

Zebu Live, London- October 2024

Future of Blockchain Summit, Dubai-October 2024

Art Basel, Miami- December 2024