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Web3 is a Joke is set to offer a unique comedic experience in a sea of crypto, AI, Metaverse and NFT technical jargon. Nothing brings people together like comedy roasts because we only the roast the ones and things we love and we love all things Web3!
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High School Blockchains: If Cryptocurrencies Were High School Cliques

Imagine you’re strutting down the red carpet, cameras flashing, crowds cheering. Suddenly, you trip over your own feet, face-planting in front of an audience of millions. Now, what if that red carpet is the blockchain, and instead of your feet, it’s your own digital savvy—or lack thereof—that sends you sprawling. Welcome to the world of crypto, where everyone from newbie traders to seasoned blockchain gurus has a face-palm story to share. This is “Crypto Confessions,” where we dive into the silliest and most embarrassing blunders in web3 history.

Case #1: The Accidental HODLer Meet Kevin. Kevin meant to buy a modest amount of Bitcoin as a short-term investment. Unfortunately, he mixed up his wallet passwords and locked himself out. Fast forward five years and multiple failed password attempts later, Kevin’s accidental investment had ballooned in value. When he finally cracked his wallet open (thanks to a remembered password hint involving his old cat’s favorite brand of treats), he was a millionaire. Talk about failing your way to success!

Case #2: The Misplaced Decimal Jenny was a careful trader, or so she thought. One sleepy morning, she decided to sell some Ethereum. Still groggy and without her usual cup of coffee, she misplaced a decimal point. The result? She sold her Ether at one-tenth of its market value. By the time she realized her mistake, some lucky buyer on the other side of the world was probably popping the champagne. Jenny, meanwhile, had learned the hard value of double-checking her trades—and maybe skipping trading before caffeine.

Case #3: The Blockchain Boo-Boo Tom, a developer, was tasked with deploying a smart contract for a major ICO. In his haste, he missed a bug in the code. The result? The contract locked all funds immediately upon receipt, making them irretrievable. This little slip-up cost the project millions and earned Tom a not-so-nice bonus: a permanent nickname in the office. He’s now affectionately called “Fort Knox.”

Case #4: The Fake Flip Rachel, new to the NFT game, jumped on a tip from a friend and bought what she thought was a hot new NFT. The artwork? A limited-edition, blockchain-verified piece of digital art. The reality? A $200 JPEG of a cartoon taco. Turns out the “exclusive digital art” was just a regular image anyone could download from a free clipart site. Rachel now owns the most secure, blockchain-verified taco image in existence.

Case #5: The Zero to Hero API Story A developer named Luis decided to integrate a new cryptocurrency API into his trading platform. However, he accidentally hooked up the test API instead of the live one. For months, he conducted fake trades that showed spectacular profits. Believing he had mastered the market, Luis quit his day job—only to discover the error. Back to the job market he went, hopefully to find a position that didn’t require handling live APIs.

These stories serve as humorous reminders that in the wild west of cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot. But hey, if you’re going to mess up, why not do it spectacularly? After all, every mistake is just another block in the ever-expanding blockchain of learning experiences.