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Web3 is a Joke is set to offer a unique comedic experience in a sea of crypto, AI, Metaverse and NFT technical jargon. Nothing brings people together like comedy roasts because we only the roast the ones and things we love and we love all things Web3!

Surviving the Wild West of Web3: A Novice’s Guide to Staying Safe in the Crypto Frontier

A futuristic 3D street art style image illustrating a blog post about staying safe in cryptocurrency, with a single sign that reads 'comedy'

Alright, picture this: You’ve just landed in the digital Dodge City, where the currency isn’t gold nuggets—it’s cryptocurrency! But before you can shout “Eureka!” and throw your digital pickaxe into the crypto mines, there’s a new sheriff in town: Security. And trust me, in the bustling saloons of Blockchain Boulevard, you’ll want to keep your […]